Rating Audits

When managing business rates liabilities, most ratepayers rely on the accepted processes undertaken by Billing Authorities.

Unfortunately, overpayments are easily made due to the inaccurate calculation of charges or incorrect interpretation of legislation in force at the time. Reclaim your rates wealth of knowledge and experience, coupled with our bespoke software systems, means we are ideally placed to identify overpayments.

Reclaim your rates unique approach is to analyse the factors underlying the calculation of historical demand.. This together with our expert knowledge of business rates legislation, case law and Billing Authority processes, allows us to identify errors and potential miscalculations and claim previously undetected overpayments from as far back as 1995.

All of our research and audit work is done electronically , We will not take up any of your valuable time or disturb the day-to-day running of your business. Once we receive your authorisation, we will handle everything, from collating your rating information through to arranging the refund of any savings achieved. Reclaim your rates business model is to provide the complete portfolio audit.

Step 1
Speak to a rates
audit specialist
Step 2
We complete a full
forensic audit
Step 3
Have your funds
retuned to you

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Rating Audits

On Average most of the clients we speak to have their funds released back to them within 14 days of initial contact.

With an experienced team of professionals and a solid UK based IT infrastructure you can rest assured Reclaim Your Rates has you in safe hands.

Reclaim Your Rates always go's further to reclaim what you are owed