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Rates Reliefs

if you can change the rates relief boxes pls.Is your property’s rateable value less than £15,000.Does your business only use one property ? -Here at Reclaim Your Rates, we have the solutions for you.

Rates Appeals

Business rates are a significant overhead for businesses, so it makes sense to decrease your liability. Business rates appeals are a complex area of valuation and to get the best result appeals should be handled by a Surveyor with the relevant rating expertise.

Rating Audits

When managing business rates liabilities, most ratepayers rely on the accepted processes undertaken by Billing Authorities.Unfortunately, overpayments are easily made due to the inaccurate calculation of charges or incorrect interpretation of legislation in force at the time.

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We work on a strict No Win No Fee Basis and do not charge any cost unless we win money back whats yours.

We Tailor every clients refunds to the exact pence of whats owed back and treat our clients with the best interests at heart with ever aspect of what we offer.

We need a convincing section to the benefits of why they should use us.

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Rates Reliefs

Rates Appeals

Rating Audits

On Average most of the clients we speak to have their funds released back to them within 14 days of initial contact.

With an experienced team of professionals and a solid UK based IT infrastructure you can rest assured Reclaim Your Rates has you in safe hands.

Reclaim Your Rates always go's further to reclaim what you are owed